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Arabia is a district in Helsinki known for it's design. Several big companies have their head quarters here. For example Fiskars and Ittala. What used to be the old Arabia porcelain factory is now the home of Aalto Arts Design and Arcitecture campus where I had an intensive (happy that it is over and that I have more spare time again) course in Sustainable Service and Product Design. Super interesting course and a creative campus filled with student exhibitions. Hope that I can take more classes there in the spring.

3 must see churches

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In my opinion there as three churches that you should see as a tourist in Helsinki.
  1. The big white dome. Arriving by boat it is the first thing that you see from the sea. It is huge and does not look smaller being build on a hill. Climbing the stairs give you a nice view over the Senate Square.
  2. The oasis in the busy centre. It looks very randomly placed by the square inbetween Kamppi and the Railway station. You would not think that is is a church from the outside. The wood architecture is impressive!
  3. The underground church. This church is close to where I live. For several weeks I could not understand why there was a souvernir shop placed on my way home when I was walking away from the centre. I do not know why the chuch is build underground, but why not?

No Julmust - Representing Linköping's University and Sweden

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 I thought that it would have been a fun thing to serve Julmust during the study abroad fair today. But apparently they do not sell Julmust in Helsinki!! During the past week I have visited quite a few grocery stores but none of them carried any Swedish Christmas soda :( Julmust is even more Swedish than I thought it was. I guess that you cannot find it in Norway or Denmark either then?  I felt like I had to take advantage of the budget that Aalto University gave me. After giving up on Julmust I got some Bilar (most bought car in Sweden) and Center(made in the Linköping area) instead. The Center ended up being a lot more popular than any of the information that I was trying to hand out about Linköping.


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Sillis or sillfrukost in Swedish. A day time "day after" party that started with a brunch. This was my first time going to one. As far as I know we do not have this tradition in Linköping.  I have to say that it is a clever concept. Party duing the day sleep at night -  will not affect your normal sleeping routine :)

Unconventional working space

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Something great about Aalto campus, like I mentioned in another post, are all the unconventional and creative working spaces.  Here are some more examples to illustrate it. It is for sure one of the things that I appriciate the most here.

Monday morning - feeling comfortable while lost

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This is by far the most comfortable lecture seat that I have tried. The genious part lies in the lower back support. More of these please! It keeps me focused even though I am pretty lost. It
is pretty obvious that I am lacking a prerequisite in some programming language. The little I remember from my programming course during my first year is not especially helpful.

Fazer Christmas Chocolate

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They are selling all kinds of Christmas things in the stores. The chocolate section have doubbled in size the past month. Finns love Chocolate and so do I! One thing that have caught my eye is the Fazer Christmas chocolate. As far as I know you cannot find it in Sweden. Today I decided that it was time to try it. I felt like my essay writing about how to design a sustainable community required some chocolate.
Geisha has always been my favorite Fazer, but this one turned out to be pretty amazing also.It contains ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and carnation wich gives a lot of Christmas feel. I might have to change my mind. Let me know if you are interested in a sample ;)

Design research at IKEA in Espoo

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 My first time at IKEA in Finland. All I bought was meatballs for dinner (with fries!?) and a brown pillow case from the "Fyndhörna". The goal was to get some shape, light and material inspiration for the interior of the modular accommodation that we are designing in the PDP.project..


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Design och product development engineering student. Right now doing a year abroad in the Finnish capital. Coffee, the Swedish West coast and creative projects make me happy. I love film festivals and do some filming and video editing myself.

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