Lapua recap

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Super nice and modern Finnish elementary school.

Finnish Winter wonderland.

Birthday party for this 2-year-old girl :) Her mom had made a Moomin cake.
Now I have also tried the Finnish railroad system, VR. It went smoothly even though VR have the same bad reputation as SJ.
And here is some video footage in Swedish:
Greetings from Lauri and Hanna! 

Late night video report..

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..or how I entertained myself after missing the bus last night.
Normally there are quite a few busses between Espoo and Helsinki, but not on weekday nights.

New hobby

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There have not been any blogging on my behalf lately at all. When my friends and I worked on our short movie for Snuttefilmen 2012 I discovered how much fun filming is. So that is what I have been up to instead, exploring what you can do with a video camera. I would say it is my new hobby :)
Pssst.. I joined Youtube yesterday:


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Design och product development engineering student. Right now doing a year abroad in the Finnish capital. Coffee, the Swedish West coast and creative projects make me happy. I love film festivals and do some filming and video editing myself.

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