More apartment fixing

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New addisions this past week:

A blue couch, the white shelf  and two lamps above the kitchen table :)

We still need chairs. Right now we are sitting on whatever we have.

Getting settled in the new apartment

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Assembling IKEA furniture. At first I was proud of myself that I was able to put together a nightstand all by myself. Then I realized that the bottom to one of the drawers was upside down and that I had orded it in the wrong color. Ahhhh, FRUSTRATION. and sadness.  When it did not go so well I got homesick. Normally (in the past I suppose) my dad is always the one who fixes things, like putting together furniture and stuff. It became so obviouse that he was not here.That was yesterday. I was tired.
Today I feel more like "I do not care what color my nightstand has, the important thing is the function of it". I am an experience richer. Next time I will be more careful, control what goes up and down, and check the color before I assemble something.


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--> Glad get tinar fötterna och rumpan fraamför kakelugnen

I don't get it!

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First, look what I found inside my shoe when I unpacked:

-A seagull made out of glass. How did it end up there?

Secondly I somehow managed to bring three underarmers back here but only one pair of longjohns. It will not break even! By the way, this is the second time it occure.

So far this year I have..

Publicerad 2011-01-08 22:55:10 i

..had a tomatotest..
 -->The plum tomato to the left was my favorite.
..had a picnic with Emma by Röda Sten..

..created a snowball lantern..

.. played in the snow by myself.,

..wrapped some presents and painted cards to go with them..

and celebrated Emma's birthday.
--> awsome cake!


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