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The speksi tour was a lot of fun! I learned at least two new Finnish words: käärme ja paratiisi (snake and paradise) The tour had the theme paradise since one of the stops was a spa named Eden. The people that were organizing the tour had then found a song containing basically two words; snake and paradise that were played every so often. It resulted in someone always humming on it and Friday night one of the sound guys made a dubstep version of it!
I borrowed this picture from the Teekkarispeksi facebook page.48 people in a bubble pool!  I am the awkward one looking in the wrong direction. It is not easy all the time to be in a group where everyone but you speaks another language.

After lunch on Friday when the stage was built up at the Theatre I had some free time and explored Oulu a bit with a hand drawn map that I had recieved prior to the trip, from a friend originally from Oulu . It was  nice to return to the warm theatre afterwards. Later I met up with Lauri's brother Jussi. We met when I was visiting Lapua earlier this semester. He studies in Oulu and showed me his favorit place to have coffee.


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