Forgot to register for my exam tomorrow

Publicerad 2013-12-16 15:48:00 i Finland

The exam registration system is just as stupid here as in Linköping. So now I'm sitting in limbo, waiting for a response from the examinator if I can write the exam tomorrow or not. I was signing in to  Weboodi (the student intra net) to see where the exam will be held tomorrow when I could not find it among my registrations.

Both universities requires a seperate registration for the exam than for the course. Why is that? You have to write the exam in order to pass the course. Would it not mean that everyone would like to write the exam then?
Update: I can write the exam. Got a reply. In Finnish.  Even though my message was in English!? I guess that my name does it. My name could belong to a native Finnish Swedish speaking person.


 Lisäsin Hannan ilmoittautuneisiin:

 Hänelle voisi sanoa, että muistaa kertoa opintokirjan numeronsa ensi  kerralla, koska saman nimisiä voi olla Aallossa useinkin (nyt ei ollut).  Sen lisäksi tietenkin, että muistaa ensi kerralla ilmoittautua ajoissa.

 En näe hänen sähköpostiinsa, toimisiko Laitetaan cc  kokeiluksi.


Apparently even names get different suffix assigned when bending the Finnish language.

Hanna --> Hannan

Well, I should get back to studying now when I have a reason for it again.


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