Oh, yes - towards Linköping

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Today has been crazy. My pulse is finally starting to settle.
Moving out took longer time than I expected. Lucky I get to keep the keys until January so I can give the cleaning its final touch then. I arrived last minute to the airport and then my luggage was overweight. It was quite an easy repack but still stressful. I expressed a bunch of anteksi (excuse me) at the airport to make my way around people and get to the gate on time. Haha, anteksi will probably be my reflexive expression in similar situations the next following days in Sweden as well.

Here is a list of the most useful Finnish vocabulary:

moi, terve, hei or moika = hi
moi moi = bye
kiitos = thank you
anteksi or sorri = excuse me
kyllä = yes
ei = no
kippis = cheers
opskelija = student
yliopisto = university


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