No Julmust - Representing Linköping's University and Sweden

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 I thought that it would have been a fun thing to serve Julmust during the study abroad fair today. But apparently they do not sell Julmust in Helsinki!! During the past week I have visited quite a few grocery stores but none of them carried any Swedish Christmas soda :( Julmust is even more Swedish than I thought it was. I guess that you cannot find it in Norway or Denmark either then?  I felt like I had to take advantage of the budget that Aalto University gave me. After giving up on Julmust I got some Bilar (most bought car in Sweden) and Center(made in the Linköping area) instead. The Center ended up being a lot more popular than any of the information that I was trying to hand out about Linköping.


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Design och product development engineering student. Right now doing a year abroad in the Finnish capital. Coffee, the Swedish West coast and creative projects make me happy. I love film festivals and do some filming and video editing myself.

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