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Today I am studying for my exam in Introduction to Wood Properties and Wood Products. Since wood is a somewhat alive material it feels like there is a lot of emotions built in to it. I feel like I have another relationship to wood than what I have with other materials, and after this course a deeper understanding.
 A huge part of the course has been focused on the relationship between wood and water. I do not remember being particulary found of my old course Thermodynamics, but it is always fun when you get to use previous material and feel like you actually have learned something useful.
Wood properties are highly dependent on the wood moisture content, hence the relative humidity of its surrounding. I like the idea that it might be possible to use walls made out of wood for climate control in a room. Right now I am repeating wood properties in different dimentions and how stress concentrations can lead to cracks. I still have some material to cover before tomorrow but I have reserved the rest of the day for it.
I hope that the exam tomorrow will go as smoothly as the one I had Monday. Unless you were supposed to develop the exam questions a whole lot I should have done really well. Reflecting back it might have been the case since I was one of the first people to leave the room. I felt finished at least. And thought of Vickie who always is super quick. I am usually the one who is quite slow and use the full exam time.
What did not go so smooth though, was that the exam was written in a huge lecture hall and I chose a place far from an isle. I felt like a rookie when I had to excuse myself and disturb the others in order to leave my seat and turn in the exam.  I know what seat I m not picking tomorrow!


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