Small extra shower

Publicerad 2013-10-27 15:30:00 i Finland

A small shower next to the toilet, no toiletpaper, wet toilet floor and sometimes even wet walls caused discussions among my friends when we were travelling around in Malaysia in December." How does their toilet routine look like? If there is water everywhere inside the toilet booth would not the people also get wet everywhere?" We never dared to ask anyone. 
I would like to annonce that the small shower next to the toilet is a part of the Finnish bathroom standard also. First when I found the one in my bathroom, next to the sink, I though that it would be useful if I just wanted to wash my hair sometimes without the rest of myself wet. Then I discovered them everywhere, at school and also at the gym, cafés etc. However there is not water everywhere and there is toilet paper also. One Finnish friend explained it as "It comes in handy sometimes". Another friend refered to it as "The lady shower", especially usefull once a month.


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