Corridor dinner - literally speaking

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Corridor dinner - literally speaking. When everyone sat down you basically could not move. Getting the tables and chairs out from our rooms was like Tetris. The security guy payed us a visit at the end due to fire safety issues. Understandably. 
I have now learned  that I live in an almost all girls corridor, there is one guy. Also this corridor ended up being the Scandinavian corridor. The one guy is apparently also Swedish, I have not met hime yet though. Then there is a girl from Denmark and one from Norway. My room is the first one when you enter, the one with the fully open door, to the right, by the mail boxes.
Lot's of yummy food!


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Publicerad 2014-02-19 12:01:45

I had a homemade dinner with my international friends last night, as well! I'm glad to see you're having fun, despite exams :)

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