Grocery shopping

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In Finland you have to weigh everyting, that need to be weighed Before going to the check outs. That is unless you go to Lidl (hence, Another good reason for going to Lidl besides them being cheaper). Although what Lidl is carrying is quite limited. So, back to the problem. Weighing your thing is not a hassle, it is actually quite nice to in advance find out the weight and how much you have to pay. The problem is when you arrive at the check outs and you have forgotten about weighing your things, OR due to language barriers, think that you have made the correct choice at the scale, but infact you have labeled your garlic potato without noticing.
I cannot seem to learn. I constantly have to return things because of this. Usually I will buy it the next time instead but sometimes the one who is working at the cash register is really nice and offers to run away to the scale.


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