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Intensive days so far.

  • Meeting a the Finnish Social Insurance Institution (by the way another Alvar Aalto designed building). The institution liked a service design concept we presented to them in December. The concept is about how they should develop thier dialouge with customers. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to develop it further.

    I have now identified some of the characteristic features of Alvar Aalto. He likes marmor and arc shaped tiles.
    Moving. My new apartment contained both pleasent and unpleasent surprises.
    I was happy to find two beds instead of one, there was also a plate, two glasses and a pot :) but I was quite annoyed that the previous tenant did not clean the place before leaving. Especially the floor and toilet was really nasty. Showering caused a minor flood so I bought rubber gloves today and cleaned the drain. Think I that I will have to call the plumber if it did not help.
  • IKEA trip to buy stuff for the new apartment. I tried to buy as little as possible since I will not be able to bring it home. Mainly basic things like a doormat, sheets, a pillow, a frying pan, etc. Best buy - a cosy blanket! My plan is to buy cutelry, plates and such secondhand.
  • Picking new courses. Why are the ones that seem the most interesting overlaping?!? Besides PDP that runs all year I finally decided to take:
    - Grundkurs i sannolikhetskalkyl och statistik (5 cr)
    - Get to know Finland (1 cr)
    - Design Ethics Theory (6 cr)
    - Design Meets Biomaterials (3 cr)
    - Collaborative Innovation Managment (4 cr)
    -  Audiovisual studio: Advanced editing (3 cr)
  • Helsinki LUX. Last night I went to see a light exhibition downtown.It consisted of illuminated objects and projected lightshows with synchronized sound. I am really glad that a friend gave me the tip to go and see it!

    The big dome at Senate Square

    Hakasalmi Villa

    Illuminated objects in Hesperia park and a flipper game projected on a facade.


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