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This is Dipoli, my favorite lunch building. This is where I eat my pea soup on Thursdays. If I can choose I always pick a seat next to the big windows.The sculpture outside the main entrence is called the acorn. It gives off engineering vibes. By pressing a button next to it a chain of mechanism starts and the acorn develops like a flower.
The building itself is kind of strange. According to rumors there are no 90 degree corners anywhere. The architecture must have had a lot of fun drawing it. The building reminds me of Kårallen in Linköping and I think the student association here was aiming for something like that. However the construction of it became to expensive so the University had to by it. I think it is sad. It is a cool place. Now it is mainly used for conferences and fairs and other organisations can rent it.

Idag blev det inte lunch. Istället unnade jag mig en förmiddagsfika. Mustikkamuffinssi ja kahvi (blåbärsmuffin och kaffe). Visade sig vara dyrare än lunch. Smakade bra :)


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