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This week there has been and there will continue to be a lot of activities with Speksi. I have learned that there are about 150 people in this year's production. As far as I know a German guy, who plays the drums, and I are the only exchange students. After seeing the show twice and getting a thorough summary the other day, when helping out with finishing some costumes, I am starting yo grasp more of the content.
Picture 1- Sunday during general rehearsals we finally got to see the result in action of what we have been building in the set up team.
Picture 2 - Monday night I joined the hupi (cooking) team and made falafel for everyone to eat after the premiere. The was a crazy amount of mixing! Yummy end result :)
Picture 3 - Right now on my way to Tampere where there is a show tonight. Tomorrow the tour continues to Oulu. I am very excited to see a little bit more of Finland


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