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I learned a new word today: OUTSOURCING

out·source[out-sawrs, ‐sohrs] verb, -sourced, -sourc·ing.

verb (used with object)

It is the same word in both English and Swedish. According to The Swedish Academy's Dictionary we have borrowed (a nicer word for taken) it from English. Oursourcing means that one company let another company take care of one or several processes for them. I think I need to know it for my exam on Wednessday in the context environmental effects due to "Made in China".

Morroccan dinner

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Assmas chicken pie (to the left) was amazing!

Traditional cookies and Morroccan mint tea (super sweet, like ice tea)
Assma is showing us how to make a traditional headdress for the desert.

Vickie volunteered as model. I think that she could work it ;)


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