Oh, yes - towards Linköping

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Today has been crazy. My pulse is finally starting to settle.
Moving out took longer time than I expected. Lucky I get to keep the keys until January so I can give the cleaning its final touch then. I arrived last minute to the airport and then my luggage was overweight. It was quite an easy repack but still stressful. I expressed a bunch of anteksi (excuse me) at the airport to make my way around people and get to the gate on time. Haha, anteksi will probably be my reflexive expression in similar situations the next following days in Sweden as well.

Here is a list of the most useful Finnish vocabulary:

moi, terve, hei or moika = hi
moi moi = bye
kiitos = thank you
anteksi or sorri = excuse me
kyllä = yes
ei = no
kippis = cheers
opskelija = student
yliopisto = university

Moving out - Moi moi Museokatu

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Yesterday I signed the papers for my new apartment where I will be moving in in January. It feels great. This time I was able to get an apartment from HOAS student housing for exchange students. It will be furnished and situated even more central than this one + I am assuming that it will be less lonely since the building will be full of other exchange students. It turned out a lot better than I dared to hope for!

Now: packing.
Tonight: pre-Christmas party with my PDP-team. Jag ska bjuda på julmust och få hjälp att äta upp mina döbakta lussekatter ;)
Tomorrow: cleaning and then Linköping!!
Lunch break in my moving mess.

Forgot to register for my exam tomorrow

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The exam registration system is just as stupid here as in Linköping. So now I'm sitting in limbo, waiting for a response from the examinator if I can write the exam tomorrow or not. I was signing in to  Weboodi (the student intra net) to see where the exam will be held tomorrow when I could not find it among my registrations.

Both universities requires a seperate registration for the exam than for the course. Why is that? You have to write the exam in order to pass the course. Would it not mean that everyone would like to write the exam then?
Update: I can write the exam. Got a reply. In Finnish.  Even though my message was in English!? I guess that my name does it. My name could belong to a native Finnish Swedish speaking person.


 Lisäsin Hannan ilmoittautuneisiin:

 Hänelle voisi sanoa, että muistaa kertoa opintokirjan numeronsa ensi  kerralla, koska saman nimisiä voi olla Aallossa useinkin (nyt ei ollut).  Sen lisäksi tietenkin, että muistaa ensi kerralla ilmoittautua ajoissa.

 En näe hänen sähköpostiinsa, toimisiko Laitetaan cc  kokeiluksi.


Apparently even names get different suffix assigned when bending the Finnish language.

Hanna --> Hannan

Well, I should get back to studying now when I have a reason for it again.

3rd advent

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 Considering this post, I believe that there is something that I have forgotten to share. I found Julmust!! I have been asking around and no one seems to know what it is. Finally, one day it was just standing there on a shelf at the Kamppi K-market grocery store.     No Apotekarnes or Nygårdas. It is called Perinteinen (?) and is manufactured in Finland. Does not matter. However, once again, due to sugar tax, the price for a bottle is around 25 Swedish kronor. I decided it was worth it to create some Christmas feeling.
Picture: My new Christmas Moomin mug filled with Julmust.

Quicker future Helsinki-Otaniemi connection

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My route to school is outlined with similar street art covered orange paling as the one in the background. The orange color matches the colors of the interior of the Helsinki subway trams.In a couple to a few years the subway will go all the way to Otaniemi Campus. Unfortuanately most of my friends will probably have graduated by then, but it will be great for the new students! 

Yup, it is Thursday

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But not any Thursday. Today I had my last presentation. Now there is only one exam between me and the Christmas break. Not that I will have much of a break due to two presentations in January, but I am happy. Next week, this time, I will be at the airport heading back to Sweden. And most importantly I got a housing offer today and will most likely not be homeless in January :D

An update: the day keeps getting better! I just got an email from Sveriges Ingenjörer that they granted my scholarship application.

A mess of abbreviations

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Dispite studying more than 100% this second half of the semester I only have one exam. Somehow I managed to pick courses without exams. It probably explains all the essays I have written instead. However, this one exam is in User Interface Construction, a course where I have missed a large part of the lectures due to schedule conflicts. What also should be added is that it is pretty obvious that I am lacking at least one prerequisite in programming. In other words this exam will be quite a challenge. Therefore I decided to start study fot it today. So far I have mainly encounters abbreviations in my notes which does not make sense. What's up with Computor Science people IDE? SDK? GUI(OK, I do know this one - Graphical User Interface), WIMP? UML? BNF? UAN? TAG? WAI? ACM? The list is long. I am hoping that Google can help me sort things out tonight.

December 6th, Finland's day of Independence

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Today Finland is celebrating it's declaration of independence from the Russian Republic in 1917.

I have been asking around quite a bit how this day is celebrated. My Finnish friends, who have their families within a reasonable distance, are going home to spend time with them. I have been recommended an annual TV broadcast that goes live both on the Finnish and Swedish speaking channel. What you will see is about two hours of the Finnish president shaking hands with important people that he has invited to the president palace. I imagine that I will be similar to the Nobel prize festivities with reporters whom will comment on the people and hat they are wearing.  However this year they are renovating the president palace in Helsinki so the celebration will take place in a city called Tampere instead.

So what can one do in Helsinki except whatching TV? (As far as I know everything is closed today. One guy even left earlier yesterday to go grocery shopping in order to have something to eat today.) From the University I have recieved information about a student procession with torchlights that will take place down town. I am at school now but that is something that I probably will check out later. 

Students will wear the Finnish graduation cap and walk behind their respective student organization flag. The route will follow the funeral cortege of a Marshal Mannerheim who died in 1951. The procession finish at Senate Square with speeches, choir music, and ends with Finnish national anthem sung together.

This is the guy, Marshal Emil Carl Gustaf Mannerheim:

According to Wikipedia he was a military leader during the Finnish civil war, commander of defence during World War II and the 6th president of Finland between 1944-1946. I also know by experience that one of the main streets in Helsinki is named after him.

Hat fashion

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I believe that this is the country where you can find yourself some good Winter gear. Off course there are fashion trends when it comes to this. These hats are about. the trendiest thing you can wear in Helsinki right now. This picture is from a small shop in the Design district.
So far it has not snowed enough in my opinion. Just some flakes in the evening that have been gone before lunch the next day. However I believe that the cold is here to stay now.

S and K

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I found these these prints in the Design district. Sauna and coffee - Finns in a nutshell. I would guess that F would be for Fazer and R for Rye bread.


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Last week I went to see what Anna was up to. She is studying with me in Linköping and are as of right now doing here exchange in Valencia. Several people asked me why I would go to Spain. I said why not? :)

So for a few days I swoped sauna, moomin and Finnish design for sun, architecture and Spanish food. Besides bad insulation in Anna's apartment (slept with a beanie on one night) everything was great. I was really impressed with the Spanish that she had picked up. I got to meet her flatmates,  see her campus, the beach and then we took a train to a small town called Xativa to look at and old fortress. Most of all I ate, walked and enjoyed the sun. It was great catching up end compare our exchanges that are quite different. I truly understand that Anna is enjoying her exchange too. 


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Design och product development engineering student. Right now doing a year abroad in the Finnish capital. Coffee, the Swedish West coast and creative projects make me happy. I love film festivals and do some filming and video editing myself.

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