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I love the colors this this fall! - At Åhlens in Nordstan, Göteborg

A cake fort

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I got a crazy cake mould from Maja in the mail. It was a late birthday present. Sof off course I had to bake a cake. It is amazing how detailed the mould is. Unfortunately you cannot really tell that after me decorating the cake. I had so much fun! If you look carefully to the left of the fort, you will see something light green. That is a candy crocodile protecting the moat ;) It looks more like a child a child's work than a university design student. Haha :P

And this is after five people ate of it:

Theme party - things that begin with an M

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I decided to go as a Mime. Normally I NEVER wear lipstick. The first hour or so the sticky feeling on my lips bothered me, but after that I could not feel it at all. I must say that I am impressed how well it sunk in. I thougth that I never would say this but I will actually concidering wearing lipstick more often after this positive experience.

Anna was a Munk and Tove and Emilia were Jellyfishes (Maneter in Swedish)

Update from the study room uppstairs

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This is too cold for being indoors! I called Studentbostäder but it usually take a while before they do something. I am afraid we might run out of oxygen soon because of all the lit candles.

My absolute favorite picture from this summer

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I Miss my family.  The old laidies turned 89 years old yesterday.This morning my poor grandma fell and brooke another bone and is at the hospital again. I want to go see her but I should probably stay here and study for midterms. My opinion is that she already has broken more than here fair share of bones. Osteoporosis suck!

Norrköping and Flimmer film festival

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I kind of wish Norrköping, the neighbour town, was Linköping. This is the view they have from the Norrköping campus! Being born in a harbour city with a bunch of channels; I think what I dislike about living in Linköping is the lack of water. Although there is a river, but is on the opposite side of town from where I live. Norröping is so pretty. Especially the blocks with the old buldings and factories.

The movie that made the strongest impression on me during the film festival was the Bang bang club. I had no expectiations before. It was Mario who had picked it out. I just tagged along. The movie was about a group of photographers in South Africa during the civil war there. It was an interesting and intense movie. To descirbe it with one word I would say colorful.


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