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The speksi tour was a lot of fun! I learned at least two new Finnish words: käärme ja paratiisi (snake and paradise) The tour had the theme paradise since one of the stops was a spa named Eden. The people that were organizing the tour had then found a song containing basically two words; snake and paradise that were played every so often. It resulted in someone always humming on it and Friday night one of the sound guys made a dubstep version of it!
I borrowed this picture from the Teekkarispeksi facebook page.48 people in a bubble pool!  I am the awkward one looking in the wrong direction. It is not easy all the time to be in a group where everyone but you speaks another language.

After lunch on Friday when the stage was built up at the Theatre I had some free time and explored Oulu a bit with a hand drawn map that I had recieved prior to the trip, from a friend originally from Oulu . It was  nice to return to the warm theatre afterwards. Later I met up with Lauri's brother Jussi. We met when I was visiting Lapua earlier this semester. He studies in Oulu and showed me his favorit place to have coffee.

Take away coffee

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We just stopped at a gas station for a little break on our way to Oulu. I got lip balm for my super dry lips and a take away coffee. At campus I have been finding it strange that the take away coffee always is more expensive than the dining in. No I got it confirmed that it is like that everywhere. Would it not make more sense if it was the other way around? Since they have to provide a seat and do the dishes if you stay?

COINNO kick-off

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I also want to share that I got accepted to the course that I wanted for the rest of the semester. So now I will have some work again like a normal student.

The course is called COINNO- Collaborative Innovation Management. It is done together with a company where a company representative will take part in the course. The course is for master/doctoral level so I am expecting it to be quite challenging. I have been assigned Rolls Royce and will be working with developing their workspaces for 2020. We will probably go and visit the company in Ruukka already next week.

The course really jump-started today with both course intro, guest lectures and project work. Big + for the course staff providing us with coffee, sandwiches and fruit sallad! Awesome surprise with a second breakfast. Especially suitable after beeing up since five finishing the prereadings and packing for the speksi tour.

Speksi activities

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This week there has been and there will continue to be a lot of activities with Speksi. I have learned that there are about 150 people in this year's production. As far as I know a German guy, who plays the drums, and I are the only exchange students. After seeing the show twice and getting a thorough summary the other day, when helping out with finishing some costumes, I am starting yo grasp more of the content.
Picture 1- Sunday during general rehearsals we finally got to see the result in action of what we have been building in the set up team.
Picture 2 - Monday night I joined the hupi (cooking) team and made falafel for everyone to eat after the premiere. The was a crazy amount of mixing! Yummy end result :)
Picture 3 - Right now on my way to Tampere where there is a show tonight. Tomorrow the tour continues to Oulu. I am very excited to see a little bit more of Finland

Teachers in Finland

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I now know why Finnish students do so well in international rankings! I am convinced that it has to do with how teachers are viewed in Finland. In order to teach in Finland you have to have a masters degree. And in order to get in to a teaching program you have to belong to the top 10 % of your class. On top of that, if I have understood it correctly, the standard is tree teachers per twenty students.

Being a teacher in Finland is a high status job compared to for example Sweden where weiges and the attitude towards teachers is awful. Not to offend anyone, but when you chose to become a teacher in Sweden, I feel like the case more often is that you do not know what you would like to do, compared to making the choice because you are passionate about teaching.

Another fire alarm

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The fire alarm went off this morning.. ..again. This time it was a bit more inconvenient than usual. I was in the shower. So quickly on with something and out with water still

dripping from me. Because one morning it might actually be a hazard and not just another exchange student burning their breakfast.

The Finnish Parliament

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Today I went on a tour of the Finnish Parliament with ESN. Like all other attractions it was just a short walk from where I live. Love the fact that I literally live in the centre of Helsinki.
To summarize the tour - lots of stairs and super cool elevators.

Spontanious daytrip to Tallinn

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Estland is just 2.5 hour away by ferry from Helsinki. The stereotypical Helsinki-Tallinn cruiser travels with a  suitcase on wheels - empthy on the way there, filled with cheap alcohol on the way back. Seeing the old parts of Tallinn made me realize how young Helsinki is. Everything in Helsinki is basically built around the same time where as in Tallinn almost every building is totally different from its neighbor. It makes it a pretty and charming city with lots of character :)

Some video footage might show up later this week.

Disney sit-sit

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I folded myself  a hat and went as Robin Hood from my favorite Disney movie.
Winnie the Pooh and Genie in the bottle was also there :)

They were quite generous with the Koskenkorva.

Well executed desert!!

YES WE CAN eat more spaghetti?

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This is an ad for one of the campus lunch restaurant where they serve spaghetti every Wednesday. Rumors say the portion sizes are humongous. I have not been yet so this is something that I still have to investigate.

Being a Finnish university student

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It seems like students here have a greater value for the working industy. Besides recieving all kinds of discounts companies are keen to hire you. Most of my Finnish friends are working with something related to their studies parallell with studying. Actually I do not think I know of anyone who does not. This often lead to extended studies. The average study time for finishing a five year university program is seven years. In one way it is kind of nice that people are not in a hurry. They study, work and enjoy student life.  I have a lot of classes with six year students. Sometimes I feel rather unexperienced.The other day I started talking to a guy that was on his 11th year! But I am pretty sure he belongs to the extreme.


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Yesterday I walked around in the residential area Kallio or Berghäll as it is called in Swedish. It is an area in Helsinki, a little oustide the very centre. I have visited a couple of cafés and bars there before, and travelled through it a bunch of times to get to the Aalto arts campus in Arabia, but this was the first time I really explored Kallio. I do not know why I have not done it earlier. Kallio has a lot to offer. It is a former workers district,with interesting architecture, bars and music, ethnic restaurants and small shops of all sorts. In tourist guides it is often compared to Kreuzberg in Berlin. In Kallio you are guaranteed to find both alcoholics and hipsters. Kallio is infamous for its public drunkenness (drunks wandering the streets in daytime) and sex shops, but those phenomena live side by side with old grannies, families with small children, vintage stores and trendy organic cafes. It is an odd mix.  


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