Speaking of a tv show

Publicerad 2012-01-07 10:26:00 i Hanna reflekterar

My dad's choice of tv show is beneath contempt. The other day when it was raining, he started to watch The Bachelor Pad around noon and pretty much kept watching until midnight. The Bachelor Pad is like the Bachelor and The Bachelorette combined. Come on Dad, seriously!? 

Nocturnal dilemma

Publicerad 2012-01-07 01:02:51 i Hanna reflekterar

I just discovered that there is a new episode of Grey's Anatomy out that I have not seen. Go to bed or watch it, go to bed or watch it, go to bed or watch it??

....I can't sleep now anyway so I might as well watch it.
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Design och product development engineering student. Right now doing a year abroad in the Finnish capital. Coffee, the Swedish West coast and creative projects make me happy. I love film festivals and do some filming and video editing myself.

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