I just spent three hours looking for these basterds!

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I had been missing my bus card for a while without being that bothered about it since I do not use it that much. I usually take the bike. But today I realised that my visa card was gone as well; NOT a good thing! When I thought more about it I could not remember when I used it the last time. Ever since Christmas I have had a lot of cash, so I have not missed my card.

In order to find out when I used it the last time I checked my bank account online. It turned out that my last withdrawal was from January 16th. And after that nothing. What did I do that day? The withdrawal was from grocery shopping at Willys in Skäggetorp. What did I wear that day? I was actually able to remember that. I had my rain coat because it was raining. However I had no luck when I went through my rain coat pockets. After that I had no clue where to continue looking. I have turned my room upside down, inside out this evening. Shelft, pockets, drawers, trash bin, books, envelopes... you name it. Finally I found both my bus card and visa card in a sweater that I had on me later that week when I went jogging with Vickie and Anna-Giulia. I am an expert at missplacing things but this took the price!


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