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This must be one of the strangest words. I am reading this text where it appears everywhere. At first I thought that I could ignore it, that it was one of those adjectives that just makes the word stronger without adding much new information, but when the word kept reoccuring I figured that I had to look it up.

According to


/yuˈbɪkwɪtəs/ Show Spelled[yoo-bik-wi-tuhs]
–adjective: existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent: ubiquitous fog; ubiquitous little ants.

Gotta catch'em all

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I am home sick. Exams are over, I relax, and catch a cold. I helped Anna-Giulia get ready for tonights theme party with the theme cartoon figures. I lended her my yellow soffes and my Lenoir Rhyne t-shirt. Can you tell who she is?

Waiting for Mr. Mango

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We were eager to eat Mr. Mango but it turned out that he was not quite ripe yet. So we patched him up again.

It is just me and my books

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Until next Thursday I do not have a life. Like the rest of class I spend all my time calculating fractions and determining forces. Ugh, midterms...


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